Radio Field (Form)

modal form radio field

The radio field (type: "radio") displays a list of options that can be selected using a radio button.

Each option can display a list of child form fields that will be enabled if the parent option is selected.

Radio Field Properties

  • type ("select") - specifies the form field type
  • name (string) - the field name that will be displayed above the text box
  • id (string) - the path that specifies the source/target property of the data object
  • options (array) - list of options
  • disabled (boolean) - makes the dropdown list field disabled (inaccessible and read-only); optional
  • cssClass (string) - additional CSS class that will be applied to the form field; optional
  • onValidate (function) - a callback function used to validate the field value; optional

The options array items have the following structure:

  • name (string) - item name that will be displayed in the dropdown list
  • id (string | number) - value associated with the item
  • children (array) - a list of child fields that will be displayed indented under the parent option; optional


import {Modal} from "@daypilot/modal";

// ...

async function radio() {
  const resources = [
    { name: "Resource A", id: "A" },
    { name: "Resource B", id: "B" },
    { name: "Resource C", id: "C" },

  const form = [
      name: "Resource",
      id: "resource",
      options: resources,
      type: "radio",

  const data = {
    resource: "B",

  const modal = await Modal.form(form, data);