• Display a dynamic form in a modal dialog (built using an API) - form()
  • Drop-in replacements for built-in dialogs - alert()confirm()prompt()
  • Display custom HTML in a modal dialog - showHtml()
  • Display another page in a modal dialog (iframe-based) - showUrl()

Modal Dialog Features

  • The background is masked using a semi-transparent div
  • The modal window is draggable
  • Auto-stretching width and height to fit the content
  • Allows styling using CSS themes
  • The default theme uses minimal styling to allow easy integration with your global CSS
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly

Dynamic Form Building

  • Great for prototyping
  • Form fields defined using a JSON object
  • Data defined using a JSON object
  • Updated data object available on close


  • Minimal typing required (defaults are used when possible)
  • TypeScript definitions included
  • API documentation